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Surgical Treatments

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with a skin cancer or are having negative feelings about your body, surgical therapy at Congress Cosmetic Medical Corp. may be the right decision for you.

If you find yourself feeling self-conscious about your body, hiding behind baggy clothes, and avoiding certain activities, one or more of our body treatments could help you take back control of your life. Click on the links below to learn about the cosmetic surgery procedures we offer at our Pasadena, CA, practice, and then schedule a consultation.

Mohs Surgery

The only way to prevent recurrence of cancer is to remove every last cell, since cancer cells spread by reproducing. While large cancers can be seen with the naked eye, cancer at the cellular level can only be seen with a microscope. The Mohs technique, named after Frederick Mohs, the physician who developed it, uses detailed mapping and immediate microscopic examination of the surgically removed skin to remove the cancer completely. The cure rate for Mohs Surgery is the highest of all treatments for skin cancer.

Using an especially accurate microscope, Dr. Mehlmauer can examine the tissue during the operation and ensure that every last cancer cell has been removed. The microscope allows Dr. Mehlmauer to remove the cancer, while ensuring that the maximum amount of healthy, cancer-free tissue is left intact. Following your Mohs surgery Dr. Mehlmauer will perform careful reconstructive surgery to repair the site and to create an aesthetically pleasing result.


The best method of managing the wound resulting from surgery is determined after the cancer is completely removed. When the final defect is known, treatment is individualized to achieve the best results, while preserving function and beauty. Dr. Mehlmauer strives to achieve the best cosmetic result and may utilize lasers to ensure that the treated area is as smooth and natural looking as possible.


Mohs surgery is primarily used to treat basal and squamous cell carcinomas, but can be used to treat less common tumors including melanoma. You may be a candidate for Mohs if:

  • You have been treated for cancer previously and it has recurred
  • Scar tissue exists in the area of the cancer
  • The cancer is in an area, such as the eyelids, nose, ears, and lips, where it is important to preserve the maximum amount of healthy tissue for functional and cosmetic results
  • The cancer is large or growing rapidly
  • The edges of the cancer cannot be clearly defined


A before and after picture to showcase a man's belly fat reduction. Two pictures of a woman's thighs, showing the reduction of fat mass in her legs.
Two close-up pictures of a woman's chin and mouth to show the reduction of fat in that area.

Liposculpture can be used to address several areas of the body.

Certain areas of the body are genetically predisposed to store fat. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work with diet and exercise, it is not enough to lose fat in certain stubborn areas. If you are dissatisfied with certain areas of your body because you feel that they are out of proportion, liposculpture may be the solution you've been looking for. Liposculpture is an effective, safe, and affordable way of removing stubborn deposits of fat from many areas of the body while dramatically reshaping such areas as the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, love handles, knees, arms, and the face and neck.

If you decide to undergo liposculpture, you will have an initial consultation with Dr. Mehlmauer in which you will discuss the changes you would like to see, your treatment options, and the benefits and risks of surgery. During the procedure, Dr. Mehlmauer will make a tiny incision in the skin and insert a thin tube called a cannula into the fatty area. The cannula is used to break up the fat deposits and sculpt the area to the desired proportions. The unwanted fat is removed with a powerful vacuum, leaving the skin, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels intact.

A newly trim body can provide a psychological lift and an extra incentive to exercise regularly and maintain fitness. For more in-depth information about this procedure, contact the Congress Cosmetic Medical Corp.

Neck Rejuvenation

Two pictures that show how an old man's sagging neck skin was tightened. Two photos to show how a person's neck was smoothed out and tightened.
A couple of photos to display how an older woman's neck was made tighter.

Neck rejuvenation can address drooping skin, loose skin, and excess fat.

If you have a double chin, or loose, sagging skin on your neck due to recent weight loss, age, or genetics, you may benefit from neck rejuvenation. Neck rejuvenation is a procedure that involves removal of excess fat and skin. Patients who have negative feelings about their neck area may avoid wearing their hair up off the neck, or may attempt to conceal it with clothing. The Congress Cosmetic Medical Corp. has several options for tightening and/or reducing the size of the neck area. Neck rejuvenation may be performed by itself or in conjunction with liposculpture.

This procedure typically involves a small incision either behind the ear, slightly into the ear, or under the chin. After the procedure, the neck has a more youthful, contoured appearance, and many patients experience a renewed sense of self-confidence. Please contact Dr. Mehlmauer today to schedule a consultation for neck rejuvenation.


A set of pictures to show how an older woman's neck fat was made tighter. Photos of a woman showing how her wrinkled neck was smoothed out.
A set up photos showing how an older lady with short hair had her wrinkled neck and chin smoothed out. Two photos displaying how a mature woman's wrinkled neck was adjusted to look smooth.

A mid-facelift can refine the appearance of the cheekbones.

The mid-facelift is a procedure which improves the look of the cheekbone area as well as the area underneath the eyelids. It restores fullness to these areas, resulting in a more taut and youthful appearance. With conventional facelifts, patients sometimes notice a "weighty" feeling around the central part of the face. The mid-facelift vertically elevates and repositions sagging cheek and jowl pads to increase cheek volume and create a well-defined profile. The procedure can be performed through minimal incisions in the hair, above the ears, and inside the upper lip. The fat pads that have gravitated into the jowls and the nasal folds are carefully repositioned to their former positions, creating high cheek pads and a well defined neckline.

Dr. Mehlmauer will perform your mid-facelift under light sedation. The procedure takes between two and five hours. You can expect to be able to return to work in about two weeks

The S-Lift is a "mini-facelift" that provides an overall lift to your neck and the lower third of your face. Compared to a traditional facelift, it is a quicker procedure with fewer potential complications and a much faster recovery.

Operating on one side of your face at a time, your surgeon excises a narrow "S"-shaped section of skin from the area in front of your ear. The skin is lifted, and the surgeon tightens and repositions the underlying muscles and tissues. Excess fat is also removed, and the incisions are closed using fine sutures. The procedure normally takes less than two hours, and most of our S-Lift patients are able to resume normal activities after four to five days.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

A pair of close-up photos showing a man's eyes, where the eyes are noticeably more open in the second shot. Two photos showing a pair of eyes; the skin surrounding the eyes in the second shot makes the eyes look wider.
A set of photos showing the removal of wrinkles and droopy skin around a pair of blue eyes.

Blepharoplasty can reduce puffiness and create a more alert look.

The eyelids are among the most expressive and emotive features of the face. As you age, drooping eyelids or puffy bags underneath the eyes can start to send the message that you are tired, run down, angry, or unhappy. If you want eyes that give you a more youthful and refreshed appearance, you may wish to consider blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery is a procedure in which fat and, usually, excess skin and muscle are removed from the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery can correct the drooping upper lids and puffy bags below your eyes. Dr. Mehlmauer usually makes incisions following the natural lines of your eyelids, in the creases of your upper lids, just below the lashes in the lower lids, or through the conjunctiva. Working through these incisions, Dr. Mehlmauer separates the skin from underlying fatty tissue and muscle, removes excess fat, and often trims sagging skin and muscle. The incisions are then closed with very fine sutures.

Dr. Mehlmauer will recommend that you keep your activities to a minimum for three to five days, and that you avoid more strenuous activities for about three weeks.

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Surgery by a board-certified dermatologist can transform your look, and in the case of Mohs surgery, can potentially save your life. For more information on our cosmetic surgery procedures, please contact our Pasadena office online or call us at (626) 585-9474.

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