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Spider Veins & Varicose Veins

We get visible leg veins mostly for a variety of reasons including genetic. By the way, the veins aren't "broken", just visible because of pressure from sitting and crossing the legs, standing for long hours combined with the effects of hormones. Aging and the number of pregnancies will also take their toll. Wearing support hose helps keep veins from dilating.  Small valves inside veins become incompetent when the vein stretches leading to permanent enlargement leading to more visibility.

spider veins

Spider veins can be eliminated with laser therapy.

Treatment of small veins can be done in a few different ways.

1. If a small needle can be inserted, irritating fluid can be injected which causes cells in the vein wall to die leading to eventual collapse of the walls of the vein. Blood is forced to reroute internally. Compression stockings help this process. We strongly recommend compression hose in 20-30mm compression for the best results. We used to use hypertonic saline (very salty water) to inject but it hurt like nobodies business and caused leg cramps. Now we use solutions that are painless. 

2. If the vessels are too small to inject, intense pulsed light or laser light can be used to heat the blood inside the vein which causes injury to the vein resulting in its closure.  You'll feel a snap, like a rubber-band, with each pulse of the laser. There will be temporary bruising after treatment and tanning prior to treatment is a real no no. The greater the contrast of the vein to the surrounding skin leads to much better results.

3. Larger varicose veins can be treated in a similar way or by:

4. Endovenous ablation which is done by threading a thin fiber up through a large vein and then pulling it back out while sending energy through the tip of the fiber which kills the vein. This procedure is done in a Vein Center and is covered by insurance, if veins are painful. 

Milk Thistle can help and is an over the counter oral agent that can maintain vein health. (Women who are pregnant/breastfeeding should not take milk thistle).  Also, a prescription, all natural capsule for vein health is Vasculera. Come in for an evaluation of your veins and we will prescribe it.

Did I mention compression hose (knee high is fine) to help prevent dilated leg veins?

before and after spider vein treatment

Treatment minimized the appearance of veins on this patient's nose.

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