This surprising trick will keep your skin clean between peels

Packing tape is your new skin peel secret weapon

Between trips to your facialist (Annie in our office) for a microdermabrasion session or a professional peel , you can do your own mini peel at home. 

All you need is a good old fashioned roll of clear packing tape (DON’T USE DUCT TAPE). 

Just apply the tape to your clean skin - avoiding the under eye area - and carefully peel it off.


You’ll notice right away that the tape has picked up your old, dead skin cells. Gross, right?

This trick works especially well when you’re using skin products or medication. Use the packing tape trick, then apply the product to your skin and it will sink deeper into your pores. 

Be sure to do this just once between peels. More often than that can make your skin raw. 

To-do List:

1) Schedule an appointment.
2) Take shirts to the dry cleaners.

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