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The ABC'S to Better Hair

Eat these foods to get luscious locks

In case you didn’t pick the right parents for a thick, full head of hair (like Annie’s), you can still enhance those hair bulbs by nourishing them with what they need. All you have to do is eat the ABC’S of food.

A: Almonds or almond milk.

Almonds have a lot of Vitamins A and D as well as phosphorus, potassium and zinc, all substances that make your body strong. It's nuts (get it?) how nutrient-rich almonds are. 

B: Berries

Keep in mind that Bananas are berries too(YES they are!)

Berries contain lots of potassium, B and C vitamins, magnesium and antioxidents. They’re basically the nutrition jackpot.


A berry smoothie is high in antioxidants and vitamins.

C:Chia seeds

These little black, slightly crunchy seeds have no taste and are packed with calcium and phosphorus which helps make protein for cell repair and growth. They also contain plenty of magnesium and Omega 3s

S: Spinach (Yes, Popeye was right!)

If you’re not eating spinach, you’re losing out on lots of good nutrition helpful in particular for good hair.

Spinach contains huge amounts of Vitamin A and plenty of Vitamin K as well as other components for good hair growth like folate, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and Phytosterols – all fancy words for things that make your hair pretty.

If this sounds like a lot of extra food to eat, don’t stress! A simple way to get all these nutrient-rich foods in one go is to throw them all in a blender together and make a smoothie.

Look for more on hair growth and loss in future blog posts. 

- Dr. Mehlmauer

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